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Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you ...

We've added so many new and interesting vendors to our lineup in The Pet Zone! Many amazing small businesses who are probably unknown by quite a few dog and cat parents. That's truly sad. But don't worry - we're going to change all that! 


In the weeks leading up to each of our events, we'll be sharing a few facts and factoids about these amazing small businesses so you will have NO CHOICE but to rush out to The Pet Zone and talk with them in person ... and get your questions answered on the spot ... and get samples of their stuff ... and walk away with huge smiles on your faces!


Our first "Getting to know all about you" vendor is Pet Wants Minneapolis.


Now, I must admit, I hadn't heard about this company before doing some research, via  

Google, for pet related businesses in the Twin Cities area.  A local small business that delivers fresh dog and cat food to your door! Wait, what?   Since Chewy.com was recently purchased by PetSmart, savvy pet parents throughout the country were crying "foul" and looking for a suitable replacement. (Okay, so Chewy used to deliver the very best food from the very best food manufacturers ... but most of these manufacturers aren't about to sell their products in "big box" retail locations, so they are ending their ties with Chewy. But that's just the word on the street...)


Enter Pet Wants Minneapolis!  


I'll provide a little background on the company, but I also encourage you to check out their website for yourself by clicking on this link (AFTER you've read my post, of course): 


Pet Wants Minneapolis


Tim Chapman and Carrie Hughes worked corporate jobs for years, but decided to break

 free from the 9-5 prison and actually do something for a living that could make a real difference in the community.  As pet owners of rescue lab Maggie and Sheltie Blaze, they already knew how difficult it was to find quality, fresh pet food in the area without spending an arm and a leg.  The food that was affordable was manufactured months if not years ago and had been sitting on the shelf or in a warehouse somewhere. And even IF the manufacturer used quality, human-grade ingredients when they made it, the nutrients in the foods are not shelf stable and provide very little benefit to pets. 


I must admit: I love the idea of feeding my fur-kids FRESH, but I was a bit skeptical on the quality of the ingredients (I am a total pet food snob! Nothing but the very best for my pack). Since their site did not list "where the ingredients" came from, I reached out to them on their Facebook page and posed the question, "Can you tell me where your food is manufactured and are all ingredients from the US?"  Of course, before I asked, I had requested a FREE sample on their site (you can do that!), and my pups LOVED the food!  


They were quick to respond to my question, and gave me the answer I was looking for (dreaming of, really, since my pups loved it and it cost 50% less per pound than the food I was buying for them).


"Our ingredients are all human grade which is important in the pet food industry. A majority of our ingredients are USA sourced, and when they are not it is because we can get higher quality in some cases. The only ingredients that are not sourced from the US are some of our proteins. Some of the Lamb is sourced in New Zealand and Australia. Some of the Salmon is sourced in Norway. Some the the Duck is sourced in France. We source where we can get the highest quality ingredients. For example France has very strict standards on their livestock and there is more of a supply of duck in France because the USA poultry market is more dominated by turkey and chicken. Our food is an outstanding product with the highest quality human grade ingredients. Let me know if you have any other questions."


Of course, I followed up with another question.  "But WHERE is your food manufactured?"


"It is manufactured in Ohio at a premium high end family owned plant. They only produce high

quality pet foods and have never had a recall in their 4 generation history!"


I was sold. My pups loved it. I could get it delivered for FREE. And it was half the cost of the food I was currently feeding them! 


Okay, so they had me at human grade ingredients and Midwest manufacturing - but then I noticed Carver Scott Humane Society mentioned on their site with the phrase "DONATE: You Give, We Give."  For every pound of dog food you purchase for donation to CSHS - they will match it pound for pound









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