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Service-Based Business

We have 5 big OPEN STREET events scheduled in the Twin Cities this summer and a new Pet Zone outdoor event taking place in Duluth. Thousands of potential customers will be joining us to help celebrate ALL THINGS PETS! Make sure they see your business.

When you sign up and prepay for 1 or 2 events (for more than 2 events, please see our Multi-Event Sponsorship), you'll enjoy the benefits that come with it, including:

Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) of your business before and during each event

 Promotional Advertising of your business on the home page of our website, and in every promotional email throughout the season

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Marketing


Get personalized social media exposure of your business in the Pet Zone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before, during and after each event you attend.

Website & Email Promotions


We'll create a promotional ad for your business or use one of yours and feature it on our Home Page and in every MailChimp promotional email throughout the season.

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2018 Vendor Rates

• Brick & Mortar - $150 per event
  (With a retail location)

• Service-Based business - $95 per event

  (Groomers, dog walkers, etc.)

• Home-Based - $50 per event

  (No retail location)

• Non-Profit Pet Rescue - FREE