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We're a small Twin Cities enterprise dedicated to providing enticing venues for small businesses and non-profit rescue organizations while offering unique pet-related (and pet friendly!) experiences for moms, dads, kids and, of course, all their furry family members. 

Cheryl Brandt

Dog rescue plays a very big role in Cheryl's life. She fosters incoming dogs for a variety of local rescues, volunteers at rescue events and lends a helping hand wherever one is needed. She shares her love for homeless pets through her Dog Rescue MN Facebook page, and her website: DogRescueMN.org.

Peggy Carlson

Peggy offers personal coaching and management for any project or event and excels at finding great deals! Whether it's organizing your space, staging your home or running an event, Peggy can find ways to make it work for you. Discover more about Peggy on her personal website Peggy Carlson and follow her on Facebook at Peggy Connects

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